Marry Russian beauty online

How I met my Russian bride on the web

Although it happened a few years ago, but the recently I came across some files while last computer "clean", I came across and I thought it a pity not to use it somehow. For a long time I was at home with broken feet, so I was terribly bored, and I surfed through different dating services for some fun. For some reasons I didn't have any luck neither with Czech girls nor Slovakian ones. (Most Czech girls by entering your dating profile are not wishing for real date at all, the most frequent aim is to ensure that men pay attention to them, not only her boyfriend)

So I surfed to Russia, and I found there a phenomenon called "scamming". That caused due high interest to so called "mail order brides" from Russia. Today, everything is at your fingertips - just a click so you can also get a beautiful and perfect Russian bride, and become the envy of all who knows you!

As I indicated, scammers are girls who are trying to charm you via the Internet, to offer you introduction / marriage, and pull you out of some money this way. Conversations with beauteous Russian (Belarus, Ukrainian) Girl as usual are handled via few most popular social Networks,,, (which means "classmates" in Russian).

First, a bit of theory. Generally the scamming process takes place in 4 phases.

1) Approaching the victim

Young and sexy Russian blonde placed attractive photos in the highest possible number of dating networks. If girl itself attractive, it may be her own photographs, or, of course, shamelessly uses another's.

2) Grooming the victim

After receiving a letter from solitary, meeting eager, men from all over the world, the girl begin the process.

Since the photos are really spectacular, receiving hundreds of letters and logically can not be responded individually. A typical feature of scam are standardized, pre-written letters or messages, which girl corresponds with all her victims. As a result of standardization, girl ignores specific, concrete questions that puts her pen pal, corresponding to inconsistent and often writes about the same thing twice. (The one who had the experience of spending his youth with two girls at once, surely understands that keeping it all in your head just is not humanly possible.) mistakes occurs often for example One of my Russian pan pals in our correspondence mentioned that it's a pity that we can not meet, it is the ocean between us, and when I replied that there is no any ocean between Russia and the Czech Republic I know, she said that she meant "figuratively" because it is a very romantic person.)

In her letters she expresses a very flowery and seductive things. The most Favour and popular are descriptions how two of you are sitting in the cozy house near the fireplace (cracking logs in fireplace) etc. Sometimes comes into play romantic poems of own production. Almost all ladies love embroidering. (After a month of correspondence I got the impression that in Russia women doing nothing else than keep embroidery.) Also all writings to you are sounds very flattering. Partner must, indeed, have the impression that it feels something special. Often writes that this is the first time that this way acquainted with a man via Internet. It is seem to me that this kind of "virginity" must extremely impress guys. Especially that fact that she is not argues with you (opposite to most Czech girls) but even shares your opinion. (One wrote that she likes cats, and when I told her that I prefer dogs, in another letter she wrote me that her grandmother has a little dog at home and she likes to play with it when visiting grandma.)

All this continues few weeks. After what girl begins to call you "My love", "My prince", "My sunshine", sending you lots of kisses and hugs. Calls herself as "Your future Fiancee", "Your Wife" (I'm not kidding it's true). Most courageous girls even talk about sexual fantasies with you. Also tells you that she is totally felled in love with you and cannot imagine future life with out you. There is common trick like: The holidays are coming soon and the next ones will revolve in next year so you must hurry up and by her ticket (so that she could arrive to you in time) and finally you will meet each other and spent never-to-be-forgotten romantic holidays. The last phrase implies a personal meeting. And here starts the next stage of your "relationships".

3) Fishing out money

After both of you made sure that your feelings are strong and are mutual You will receive new requests. Money for fiancee visa, travel expenses, some help for parents and other relatives and so on till infinity. Such requests accompanied by nice to hear phrases like "I cannot live with out you, I love you". This Russian beauty could also tell you heartbreaking story of her previous experience with another foreign single man. The man who did not sent her money and she had to loan money from parents or friends for trip. This must create an emotional environment that she is so in love with you that she is ready to run the risk of bankruptcy.

4) Milking the victim

If you are enough stupid (unexperienced, crazy) to send money in advance here awaiting the next stage for you - Milking! :). While sweet tales about your wedding, happy family life permanently comes to you, suddenly she tells you bad news. Embassy requests additional funds for insurance that she have enough money to come back to Russia. (Abusing the fact that you have already invested major part of funds) She comes with another story about she was robbed while going to airport, and her father was so disappointed that he got a heart attack and all money spent for his hospitalization and treatment. Or all money spent for attorneys because She was arrested and charged with smuggling precious family rings and pictures while customs control. And so on and so forth, fantasy of Russian girls knows no limits! :) The milking continues till foreign man willing to pay.