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Young and beautiful Russian brides are gaining popularity with each passing year more and more. This phenomenon is evidenced by published on numerous marriage forums invite letters from the single men from Europe, U.S., Australia, Eurasia. One such letter was found on the Internet site moderator of our marriage web site. (The following message was translated to English by our editor from Russian automatic translation)

Hi, my name is Kenji and I am Japanese, which is at the same time being U.S. citizen.

I am publishing my message on this marriage forum, because at the moment I have no opportunity to meet with a woman from Russia.

I really like Russian women for many reasons, I will not enumerate them. But it was hard to find a Russian woman while I was in Japan and now I live in the U.S. even more. I used to date a Russian girl who was living in Japan, and we had no problems with cultural differences. Now, I'm more than Americanised Japanese, and it makes me closer to the Russian culture. We had parted only because of personal reasons.

Once again, I would like to date Russian bride from any country, such as Russia, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan that are descendant of Russian, even partially. I think that exactly a Russian girl for me is the most suitable than any other nationality. I would like to date a good woman and keep long-term relationships, and perhaps marry her when she wants to start her good and happy family with beautiful children.

Let me tell you about myself. I am 39 years old, divorced with no children. I am currently working in Caracas, Venezuela in Latin America. I'm working on a big project that will make me very financially stable for several years. I worked as a senior accountant in the United States and lived a good life there. Fall in love, I'm going to move to Japan or the U.S. in future. When I go back to Japan or the U.S., or any another place, I would like to settle down and make a good family with Russian culture and values.

People say that I look youthful, at least 10 years younger (i.e. 29 years). My ancestors gave me a very good genes. I am healthy, in excellent physical shape, as well as intellectually developed adult male. I can speak English and Japanese, of course, that I learned Spanish, spoken by employees and residents of my current place of work. And also I began to learn Russian in recent time. If you can help me with it, by exchanging e-mails, chat or conversations by the phone, I would appreciate it.

I can tell a lot of interesting things about myself, my family and my environment, but I tell you it's the person who will write to me.

This message addressed to yet unknown Russian woman. If you're ready to date or possibly marry a Japanese-American men, please contact me at the following e-mail. Then I will tell you everything. I hope to hear from you, and even those who have decided not to write, even after reading this report, I wish you a happy life and a lot of other good things in your life!

From the words of Kenji it becomes clear how difficult it is to this man find a Russian woman by himself. How important Assisted Professional marriage agency to save the most important - time. We sincerely wish Kenji success in his quest, and are sending him an invitation to visit our web site. Perhaps he is just in a couple of clicks from his beloved, he just needs a little help!

And let us see what are our client tells after joining our international dating service:

Greetings from the Japan!

We would like, (together with Elena) to take this opportunity to say "Thank you for your great dating service." In marriage, we have found happiness and love. Three years have passed since we first met online in Elenas Models dating website. It seems we are blessed by God. We have been married for two years, our wedding anniversary on May 22. Now we live together and we got such kind of life, which we have always dreamed of. We are perfectly suited to each other. We have a lot in common, and every day we learn something new.

I would like to advise those who are looking for marriage abroad, trust this matchmaker that will help them during their search. For their part, they will also assist you in finding your ideal companion with whom you will spend all your life. We still can not believe how much we love each other. Thanks to Elena, I feel like the best husband in the world. She often tells me about it. And I'll do anything to please my beloved wife!

Thank you again!

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