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Many men that join this service say the same thing: I'm completely new to meeting Russian women, I don't know the language, I'm not sure how on earth I could meet her in person if I like her in the course of our online communication, because I never travelled outside the USA etc. Don't be scared away, don't feel discouraged, gentlemen. At every phase of your search for your Russian Mrs. Right you can rely upon very friendly and useful assistance of the team of real professionals in the field of the matchmaking that know how to ensure that your experience with the Russian women would be pleasant and positive, and your spousal future with your Russian mail order bride is going to be bright. Meet sexy, beautiful and nice Russian ladies with this online dating/marriage agency, dear single western men, and get helped to make your dream come true.

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Why men from western countries, especially from America, are looking for wife from Russia?

To open you a closely guarded secret, statistically the bigger part of this site visitors that offers contact with marriage minded Russian ladies are American men, who got discouraged about prospects of marrying an American female. Some of them already were married once and went through the nasty, simply horrible experience of divorce. The others fear prospects of such divorce with modern, over-independent woman raised in the American culture, who instinctively percieves marriage as form of slavery or at least female oppression.

No wonder then, men seek alternatives to marrying a woman from their culture, and it should be admitted, there are valid reasons for doing so. According to reviews based on the results of several opinion polls among the groups of men belonging to different age groups, there are at least 7 reasons for avoiding marriage with an American woman:

  1. A married couple becomes less attracted to each other in the marriage than before the marriage
  2. Getting married for many men results in less frequent and less regular sex
  3. The constant threat of being divorced, the more so that women become financially motivated to divorce their husband. Since custody of child or childred would normally be awarded to a wife, she gets away with half of your income she is going to take from you for years, while brainwashing your children to disrespect if not hate their father. Often wife is motivated by a selfish wish to spend your money for her own needs and the way she likes, not for the benefit of kids
  4. Once married, a woman feels not obligated to be fit and quickly becomes fat
  5. Husband is expected to earn well and be good provider for his family, while wife could easily neglect her household duties, according to widespread opinion being never obligated to reciprocate by looking after her home, children, and husband. This is considered sexist attitude.
  6. The role of husband isn't honored and respected much in America of nowadays
  7. Once men get married to a contemporary American woman, they are immediately deprived of the financial, legal, and, consequently, emotional stability. You get immediately vulnerable in all ways, even at the stage at which your marriage is still childless.

The list could go on and on, but isn't it enough to justify modern American men turning their eyes in the direction of the eligible women from other countries, and especially Russia and Ukraine as place to look for a potential and more suitable fiancée? Tender, caring, unspoiled, sticking to traditional family values and respectful towards her husband - these are the words normally associated with a woman raised in Russian, Slavic, and other Eastern European cultures.

Why American men are so popular among intelligent and beautiful Russian women

The easiest and the simplest explanation that we often find everywhere in the Internet portrays Russian men as persons that are not worthy the choice women raised in the same culture (being lazy alcoholics, poor family providers, treating their wives with disrespect they don't deserve, neglecting hygiene in sex life etc.)

Anyway, we do not agree with such opinion.

Could it be really true that people raised in the same culture could be so different only because they belong to different sexes? No, not of course. Many of the Russian and especially Ukrainian men do make good husbands and providers for their families and work hard to ensure financial stability of their families to the extent that is possible under the current economic situation in their countries.

Still, there are lots of Russian women that can be found on the websites of marriage and matchmaker agencies doing their business by mail order bride method, exporting Russian and Ukrainian brides, so to say. But it is not only women, but men also that form the flow of emigration from Russia, and especially Ukraine. Did you know, for example, that during the last two decades over 5 million people emigrated from Ukraine to western countries seeking better opportunities and higher standard of life that more developed nations can still offer? That's a tendency affecting both male and female population of Ukraine.

Then, for those who decided not to leave, there's still serious disproportion between Ukrainian (and Russian) women and men with women outnumbering men of marriage age not more, nor less then several millions. The Russian women choose to marry foreigners because very often they just have no other option that either to get married to a foreigner or to stay single. Another reason they choose Americans, Canadians, UK citizens to get married with because the English language is what they can learn much easier than, say, the language spoken in Sweden or Germany. But easiness of overcoming language barrier is not, of course, the primary reason why Russian mail order brides choose to marry American guys as the desired husbands. What's definitely more important, is the reputation of the men from the said countries in the eyes of the Russian weaker sex.

The western men originating from these countries are believed to make reliable and responsible marriage partners in the eyes of the women from the FSU countries. With them the Russian mail order brides tend to feel secure meaning that they trust they could expect their future foreign husbands to help them at every stage of getting integrated into a new society with less stress.

Every woman, Russian or American, needs security. But what makes the difference, is that a Russian wife would normally be grateful for what she gets from her husband and would pay back by being a good, faithful spouse, caring mother, and excellent housekeeper in return - that's a norm in Russia.

Meet Russian single now - this could be opportunity of a lifetime, dear single gentlemen. Beautiful and tender Russian brides chat online in Russian women chatroom, why don't you?