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The story of a real American man who fell victim of Russian online dating scam

Looking to meet a girl from Russia or Ukraine has become if not obsession, then at least something you don't surprised to here in these days and age. These sexy, visually extremely appealing brides by mail from Russia are no longer taken skeptically, and many absolutely successful American men have married such babes and have formed happy marriages that many other single men living in America keep envying in secret. The stories of seccesful marriages resulting from contacting Russian beauty girl through online dating site are plentiful, and many of them are true.

Read, anyway, the following, before trying your chance with meeting the Ukrainian Russian brides. This information could well safe many single men from heartbreak and financial disaster.

Have you heard about Cary Dolego and his adventures in Ukraine? Cary Dolego is a former Arizona write-in candidate, who participated in the election race for the position of the governor of Arizona back in 2010. The story of his visit to Ukraine that took place after the elections, in the year 2011, became hot news in many newspapers in America, Ukraine, and Russia, and even was broadcast by many TV channels like the BBC or CNN.

The point is that Cary too got fascinated by a beautiful Ukrainian Russian woman who he had met on one of the Internet's online introductions sites. To make long story short, after some time of e-mail correspondence and several times of sending money to his virtual beloved to pay her correspondence expenses, Mr. Dolego left the USA and travelled to the city Chernovtsy located in the South-West of Ukraine, where the woman he had corresponded with resided. The lady, Yulia, did not pick up him on the railway station and never showed up, while her mobile phone stopped to answer his calls and her e-mail address stopped returning the replies. It became obvious: he fell victim of a trivial Russian Internet dating scam.

Eventually the man ran out of money and lived as homeless on the streets of Chernovtsy, until he got ill and was picked up by social workers and brought to the hospital to be treated from pneumonia. When the story of an American who lived 2 weeks on the streets of the city homeless appeared in the local newspapers and became widely spoken of, Yulia did visit Cary in the hospital. She was compassionate, but she said she had never been aware of "her" correspondence with the American men and never received any money transfers from him. Someone posing as Yulia and using her pictures corresponded in her name with Carry and cheated him out of money. As for Youlia herself, a doctor by profession, she said Dolego wasn't her type of man, and that she wouldn't like to pursue relationship because she doesn't see the sense.

The bottom line: Had this man used a good reputed online dating agency as mediator between himself and his Ukrainian Russian lady penpal at least at the initial stage of their long-distance relationship/communication, he would have never become victim of a Russian dating scam perpetuators.

In this connection a spokesman for the American Embassy in Kiev commented that the Embassy heard a lot of stories about the Americans coming to Russia and Ukraine hoping to find wife for themselves in these countries, and that the Embassy knows the phenomena is widespread. If you made your mind to go to Ukraine or Russia to meet someone you hope to become your mail order bride, it is highly recommended that you apply due diligence and travel not alone, but with the help of one of Russian marriage agencies that introduce Russian marriage minded ladies. You'll never get scammed then, unless you deal with a fake agency (the agency's reputation can easily be checked on the forums where men discuss Russian dating sharing their experience).

Now back to what happened with Dolego. Even if ultimately he was visited by real Yulia at the hospital, and simply loved the way she was dressed and behave, the woman said she had no intention of getting married to a foreigner and leaving Ukraine, and she felt very sorry for what had happened.

Cary felt very disappointed, but he didn't regret his visit to Ukraine even for a minute, because he was fascinated by the hospitable and friendly people he was lucky to meet there. As for the crooks and the con artists of all sorts, they exist in every country. He also said that the adventure made him even firmer set to find his special woman in Ukraine and marry her, because they are so beautiful, these ladies.

From our own behalf, we would strongly advise single men to keep away from dating sites that are not run by agencies, because they never screen their members for authenticity. In fact, free dating sites are favorite place for the activities of Russian scammers. Instead we would suggest to use the moderated databases of the women that are maintained by professional matchmakers.

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