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Like it was said on the home page, inside you'll find quite a wealth of online dating services and interactive tools that are absolutely, 100% free of charge, like accessing the database of Russian women in real time and browsing their photopersonal profiles. Even sign-up is not obligatory to start using the site. But if you care to go through very brief FREE registartion process, then after minutes you could have your own interactive FREE dating profile and you could start testing the service absolutely FREE and for unlimited amount of time.

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This favor for the men is done in order to encourage gentlemen, because men do need encouragement, as we can say from our experience. Therefore the service doesn't try to sell a cat in the closed bag, like the old Russian saying goes. Once you have tested the service for free for as much time as you only wish, you may either choose to upgrade from your FREE basic Silver Membership to one of the Membership packages like Gold or Platinum, or pay as you go.

The paid services you may wish (or may not wish) to order, include:

  • Human performed Russian to English and English to Russian translations (alternately you may opt to use free online translation tools, or choose to communicate with ladies that can speak English)
  • Custom matchmaking - in case you prefer professional matchmakers match you with a specific lady on the database
  • Gift/flower delivery
  • Romance tours to Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, or any other country where your chosen lady might reside

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