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The most beautiful women in the world live in Kiev

According to the public opinion poll, conducted by the magazine Travelers Digest, the most beautiful women in the world live in Kiev, Ukraine's capital.

The poll participants were asked to answer only one question: Which cities do the most beautiful women in the world come from?

The rating of the top ten cities, populated by the beautiful women, has resulted from the votes by male tourists, who travel around the world. Though the edition does point out this may sound chauvinistic, one must acknowledge that such estimate from the behalf of the world's male population is something interesting to listen to.

So, Kiev goes first on the top list. It is exactly in Kiev, where the most beautiful and sexy women in the world live. Ukraine's capital Kiev is recommended by the edition to men as the destination to travel, if your goal is to see the most beautiful women. Arriving at the capital of Ukraine will make you feel awesome. It is difficult to believe that such beauties even exist in nature. What makes Ukrainian women different from Russian females is the fact that they are much more uninhibited. It's interesting that Moscow women are only on the sixth position of the toplist. In fact the list they compiled looks like this:

  1. Kiev
  2. Stockholm (Sweden),
  3. New York City
  4. Buenos Aires
  5. Varna
  6. Moscow
  7. Tel Aviv
  8. Amsterdam,
  9. Seoul
  10. Montreal

Where can you meet beautiful Ukrainian women and girls in Kiev

First of all, it's recommended that you come in summer, because summer is the time when Kiev beauty girls sunbathe on the river beach of recreational water park Hydropark on the left bank of the Dnipro (big river that divides Kiev into two parts). You shouldn't think that personalities of women who are beautiful are commonplace or dull. Ukrainian women in general, and Kiev ladies in particular, are highly educated persons capable to keep up with any conversation, ranging from philosophy to literature.

Meet Kiev girls online

How it works with this online introductions agency

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Hope, this brief review was helpful. Navigate further to find out more or to start dating Kiev girls right away.